What is Wikidot?

It's simply a place to build wiki-based websites. Use it to publish content, share your documents, collaborate with friends or coworkers, create a place for your community!

Wikidot is…

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Awesome features

Great community support

Wikidot has one of the best communities on the Internet. Need help? Want to share your site? It's there 24/7.

Working together

Work with friends and coworkers on the same documents, share data and files instantly.

Powerful and easy

Wikidot technology empowers you to create simple websites as well as huge and powerful portals.

Cloud solutions

Wikidot uses cloud computing and storage. It's reliable, scalable and can handle sites with millions of visitors per month too.


Pro features are available from $4 per month. We work hard to make it the best price ratio on the market.

Professional tool

Wikidot meets the demands of most challenging professionals providing them with its power features

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