About Wikidot.com

Wikidot.com is the world's largest wiki farm that allows anyone to start a wiki site, with millions of users and sites and serving more than 130M unique visitors per year. Our growing success comes from building a service that people enjoy using!

For visitors and members of wikidot.com sites, Wikidot is a fast, easy to use web application service. It can look like a traditional wiki, a forum, a blog.

For site creators, with Wikidot.com you can create your own web projects in minutes. You use a mix of forums, wiki pages, templates, modules, custom themes, add-in packages, and reusable site templates to create almost any collaborative web project imaginable.

Wikidot.com is also a large and active community that answers questions, develops new building blocks, and new applications. This makes Wikidot special: no matter how complex your question, you will find people who have answers.

Wikidot.com is free for use, with few restrictions. Free wikis may in some cases show our adverts. Professional users will pay the small fee for a pro account, and enjoy more control over their web projects.


Wikidot Inc. operates and supports the community of wiki-based web projects at wikidot.com. Wikidot Inc. is not responsible for the content of these sites, but will apply its Terms of Service (ToS) to sites that are reported to us. In case of doubt, Wikidot Inc. will first take down offending content, and after examination of the facts, either delete it, or restore it. Wikidot Inc. does not otherwise regulate or moderate the contents of its sites. To report a copyright violation or other violation of the Wikidot ToS please email moc.todikiw|thgirypoc#moc.todikiw|thgirypoc.

Wikidot.com has an active expert Community that handles all first-line support, with an extensive FAQ, a multilanguage Handbook, and an active and helpful forum. If you have trouble using wikidot.com or any wikidot.com hosted site, explore the Wikidot Community Site and if necessary ask your question there. If you absolutely cannot get an answer to your question, please email moc.todikiw|troppus#moc.todikiw|troppus.

Journalists and bloggers looking for quotes or interviews can contact the Wikidot CEO Micha? Fr?ckowiak (michal-frackowiak). Business clients may email us at moc.todikiw|tcatnoc#moc.todikiw|tcatnoc.

Wikidot Inc. S.A. Oddzia? w Polsce
ul. Kopernika 21
87-100 Toruń, Poland
E-mail: moc.todikiw|tcatnoc#moc.todikiw|tcatnoc

Company data

Wikidot.com is owned and operated by Wikidot Inc., incorporated in Delaware, USA. Wikidot.com was originally developed in Poland and the company's operational office is based in Torun, Poland. Wikidot Inc. released the Wikidot software as open source in January 2008. Wikidot Inc. focuses on providing the highest quality wiki platform for diverse web projects, at the lowest possible cost. Wikidot CEO is Micha? Fr?ckowiak.

The Polish office of Wikidot Inc. operates under the following registration data: Wikidot Inc. S.A. Oddzia? w Polsce, ul. Kopernika 21, 87-100 Toruń, Poland. REGON: 340390029, KRS: 0000294101, EU VAT ID: PL1020000446.

Wikidot Inc. is incorporated in Delaware, USA, Division of Corporations, file no. 4326793.

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